my daily invocations…

Every morning I start off my day with this prayer. I think it  encompasses everything that a prayer needs; an invocation to oneself and to the greater good of all. I absolutely love it.

May I be at Peace.

May my heart remain open.

May I know the beauty of my own true nature.

May I be healed.

May I be a source of healing in the world and to others

–Tibetan Prayer


I received a letter today from Jes, my oldest son. He’s at boot camp right now and is going through the toughest part. This is his third week. His letter talks about how lonely he feels and how he doesn’t feel like himself. That the letters from home are what are keeping him going. As his mother I feel so helpless. I wrote back right away and encouraged him to stick it out and that the toughest part of training is almost over.

Of course I want to scream and yell from the roof tops that he needs to come home now. That whatever he wanted to prove has been accomplished. I feel nauseous thinking of what he could be going through and by how much I miss him. This is the longest I’ve been away from him since he was born.

I want to trust his choices. I want to honor his path. I am so proud of him.

This is another prayer I pray everyday:


May he be at Peace.

May his heart remain open.

May he know the beauty of his own true nature.

May he be healed.

May he be a source of healing in the world and to others

May he come home safe.

— a mother’s prayer


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